Biblical Questions and Answers

This section contains articles that ask and answer questions about transgender issues from a Christian perspective. Listed below are articles with corresponding questions that inspired the articles or are related to the subjects discussed.

Article 1: Nurture, Nature, Choice

The Biblical Perspective of Jesus in Matthew 19.

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: “There has been a long standing debate over nurture, nature and choice. Does Jesus have anything to say about it?”

Q: “Does Jesus address the issue of gender identity?”

Q: “How does Jesus feel about those who bend gender roles?”

Article 2: “Am I Loving Others or Compromising My Faith?”

Live a life pleasing to God within the LGBT Community

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: “Am I compromising my faith if I explore gender identity issues? Aren’t I repeating the same mistakes the Israelites made in the old testament, or the churches in Revelations?”

Q: “If God has a problem with LGBT people then how can we fellowship with them? Isn’t being transgender a sin? I listen to my brothers and sisters in Christ telling me that any LGBT person cannot be a Christian as long as they live as they do. If a long-time Christian comes out as LGBT (as I have) then perhaps they were never saved in the first place.”

Q: “Am I denying God’s will, by not renouncing my transgendered nature? How can I convince someone that I’m not compromising my faith?”

Article 3: “Do Your Clothes Fit?”

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: “What is your motive for dressing up in clothing of the ‘opposite’ gender?”

Q: “Can clothing really affect the way you feel about yourself?”

Q: “Why do I loathe my body?”

Article 4: “Is Cross Dressing A Sin?”

(A Perspective on Grace)

Addresses the following question:

Q: “I feel awful about my cross dressing. Am I in hopeless sin when I cross dress?”

Article 5: “Is Wearing Panties a Sin?”

Addresses the following question:

Q: “Although no scripture verse speaks to this directly, is wearing female undergarments underneath your male clothing a sin?”

Article 6: “Legalism & Indulgence”

When Is Enough, Enough?

Addresses the following question:

Q: “Aren’t the laws of God there for us to vigorously uphold? Isn’t it safer to err on the side of legalism?”

Article 7: “Transgendered Living Without Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)”

A Grace-filled Perspective of a Male to Female Transgender

Includes: “Eight things you can do to fight the religious imposter and undo the damage caused by polarized gender.”

Addresses the following two questions:

Q: “Can I create an emotional balance through cross dressing”

Q: “Do we really have to choose one gender over the other?”

Article 8: Weighing Our Options

Thoughts about making purposeful choices.

Addresses the following question:

Q: “What Sort of Choices Do We Really Have?”

Article 9: Weighing Personal Questions From a Pastor to a Transgendered Christian

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: How does cross dressing promote His (God’s) image and your acceptance of who he has made you (in relation to your gender)?

Q: “Could you say that cross dressing is an informal way to express your confusion in reference to who you are and the very God design for your life?”

Q: “Could it be that your expressed transgendered nature is a sin nature that needs to be re-coursed and restored in reference to God’s primary intention for your life? God made Male and Female (different needs, expressions, body parts, etc.) – He never made man out of the context of these two genders.”