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If you are struggling
with guilt, frustration or
depression because of
your Biblical concerns over
gender identity and cross
dressing, the section
Q&A Article Index-Biblical
contains several articles
set up in a question & answer
format. Scroll through the
Index page and read through
the questions to see if yours
is addressed. Click on the
corresponding link or the
article title.

There are some helps
and advice specifically for
spouses of cross-dressers
on this web site. The
article, Transgender &
Cross-Dresser Spousal
on the Clinical and
Sociological Information
page, answers eleven
frequently asked questions
from spouses.

Although sexual
orientation may come
up in caregiving or
on the questions page,
information about
heterosexual, homosexual
and bisexuality is not
presented here.

Other books, web sites
and resources cover the
issue of sexuality and are
readily accessible for
those interested.

Are you questioning your gender identity?
   Are you a Christian who struggles with guilt because of cross dressing?
This website is dedicated to a frank discussion and exploration of
   gender identity issues as they relate to Biblical and social concerns.


There are an estimated six million* people in the U.S. who are uncomfortable with their birth gender. Three million of these identify strongly with the gender opposite their birth gender. They feel trapped in a life that does not fit. Many see their gender identity as a battlefield, and are not at peace with who they are. Out of obligation to family, friends and career, they attempt to deny or conceal these feelings, and often end up living a secret, closeted life full of fear, guilt and shame.

The ministry Light in the Closet offers a safe place for individuals to discuss, with confidentiality, personal issues, desires and fears they are dealing with. This support ministry is designed for those who are already Christians, but also benefits those who are seeking spiritual or emotional guidance.

This is a lay care giving ministry. The information and help offered is not a replacement for professional care. For those who need professional medical, clinical or psychological help should pursue those avenues. (See our resource section.*)

Some may question the validity of such an intimate ministry and wonder if this topic is outside the scope of Church care. To those I would say that Jesus desires us to be honest with him and each other, and sometimes that honesty is a bit messy.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:3-5

Although we prefer to avoid the valleys in our lives, most valleys we must walk through. Because Jesus promises to walk through the valley with us, that journey need not be full of frustration, but an honest exploration that will lead to godly growth. Light in the Closet is here to help you walk with Jesus through the valley.

*The figure of 6 million (who question gender identity) is out of the 13.68 million (see Clinical and Sociological Information / 2000 Census) identified as transgender by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and confirmed by various groups including the American Medical Association (AMA). This figure attempts to include all individuals falling under the general category of transgender. Even so, over 95% of these are cross dressers, most of whom are closeted. (See 2000 census under Clinical & Sociological Information.) Figures are estimates and due to the nature of the subject matter, hard data is difficult to gather.

A Ministry to those Marginalized
by Society and the Church

The term marginalized refers to individuals who feel the issues or struggles they are dealing with are not listed on the traditional church main page but are at best an after-thought scratched in the margins of care offered by the church. The purpose of this ministry is to provide information and an accepting environment in order to encourage honest conversation regarding gender identity and life-style choice. The information on this web site, especially the Q & A Article Index, may be helpful to anyone who feels they have been marginalized due to identity or acceptance issues.

*The links available throughout this web site are there for your convenience. Light in the Closet does not necessarily endorse all subject matter, nor can Light in the Closet vouch for the validity of the content posted on the Internet. Recommendations of published print media by Light in the Closet is not necessarily an endorsement of all matter contained in those publications.

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