Thoughts from the Founder

  • Have we Lost our Soul? Why Separate Church and State?
    Separation of Church and State is an important concept.  This cornerstone of American political life is necessary, not to just protect the political process and those it governs from
  • Why do I protest?
    I am just old enough to know what it’s like to have some pride in what our country has achieved, and young enough to see our varied shortcomings. It
  • A Short Story: Who am I?
    This story is an autobiographical account of a young transgendered person. Growing up is difficult and fitting in even more so. This story is not uncommon.
  • A Message of Salvation
    Only God can affect real honest change. It is through grace we are saved. Sometimes it is easier to extend grace to others than to claim it for ourselves. Indeed, it would be impossible to even accept grace at all, if God wasn’t calling us.
  • The Nature of God’s Heart
    Light in the Closet strongly believes that God works in a uniquely individual way with each of His children.
  • Why Do I Cross-Dress?
    Many men who cross dress are not even sure why they do. Although the feelings are strong and compelling, the reason or the catalyst as to the “why” is elusive.