Thoughts from a Male to Female Transgender / Cross-dresser

The following articles are written from the perspective of a cross-dresser (male to female). The experiences, feelings and insights expressed here are common to most cross-dressers. They may help in communicating your own feelings to your wife, children or other family members.

1. A Typical Story of a Male to Female Cross-dresser

Discusses in a frank and open manner the feelings of a male to female cross-dresser as they grow up and discover that life has not turned out as they thought. Discusses personal feelings, some causes and suggests helps.

2. Who Am I? A Search in the Mirror

Comments on the feelings of gender dysphoria as it relates to personal image.

3. The Struggle of a Married Male to Female Cross-dresser (An Open Letter.)

Looks at the thought process of a Christian cross-dresser. Written as three sequential journal entries.

4. Should you Tell?

If your cross dressing is more than just a passing phase or secret sexual expression, and rooted instead in gender identity, then you may want to consider finding a way to give those around you a heads up. This article discusses the when, where, how and why of telling. (13 questions to ask yourself.)

5. How to Begin a Conversation With Your Wife

Offers suggestions on possible approaches to consider when talking to a spouse or significant other.

6. How to Begin a Conversation With Your Children

Offers suggestions on talking with your children about gender identity and your cross dressing.