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Light in the Closet
strongly believes
that God works in
a uniquely individual
way with each of
His children.

We sometimes have
very little tolerance for
those whose differences
make us uncomfortable.

All of God’s children have
value and dignity, and
it is wrong for any of us
to deny dignity to our
brothers and sisters.

It is dangerous to judge
someone else because
the motives behind the
actions are hard to see.

Questions and Answers

This section contains articles that ask and answer questions about transgender issues from a Christian perspective. Listed below are articles with corresponding questions that inspired the articles or are related to the subjects discussed.


The Biblical Perspective of Jesus in Matthew 19.

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: "There has been a long standing debate over nurture, nature and choice. Does Jesus have anything to say about it?"

Q: “Does Jesus address the issue of gender identity?"

Q: “How does Jesus feel about those who bend gender roles?”

Article 2 ... “Am I Loving Others or Compromising My Faith?”
Live a life pleasing to God within the LGBT Community

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: “Am I compromising my faith if I explore gender identity issues? Aren’t I repeating the same mistakes the Israelites made in the old testament, or the churches in Revelations?”

Q: “If God has a problem with LGBT people then how can we fellowship with them? Isn’t being transgender a sin? I listen to my brothers and sisters in Christ telling me that any LGBT person cannot be a Christian as long as they live as they do. If a long-time Christian comes out as LGBT (as I have) then perhaps they were never saved in the first place.”

Q: “Am I denying God’s will, by not renouncing my transgendered nature? How can I convince someone that I’m not compromising my faith?”

Article 3 ... “Do Your Clothes Fit?”

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: “What is your motive for dressing up in clothing of the ‘opposite’ gender?”

Q: “Can clothing really affect the way you feel about yourself?”

Q: “Why do I loathe my body?”

Article 4 ... “Is Cross Dressing A Sin?”
(A Perspective on Grace)

Addresses the following question:

Q: “I feel awful about my cross dressing. Am I in hopeless sin when I cross dress?”

Article 5 ... “Is Wearing Panties a Sin?”

Addresses the following question:

Q: “Although no scripture verse speaks to this directly, is wearing female undergarments underneath your male clothing a sin?”

Article 6 ... “Legalism & Indulgence”
When Is Enough, Enough?

Addresses the following question:

Q: “Aren’t the laws of God there for us to vigorously uphold? Isn’t it safer to err on the side of legalism?”

Article 7 ... “Transgendered Living Without Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)”
A Grace-filled Perspective of a Male to Female Transgender

Includes: “Eight things you can do to fight the religious imposter and undo the damage caused by polarized gender.”

Addresses the following two questions:

Q: “Can I create an emotional balance through cross dressing”

Q: “Do we really have to choose one gender over the other?”

Article 8 ... Weighing Our Options:
Thoughts about making purposeful choices.

Addresses the following question:

Q: “What Sort of Choices Do We Really Have?”

Article 9 ...
Personal Questions From a Pastor to a Transgendered Christian:

Addresses the following three questions:

Q: How does cross dressing promote His (God’s) image and your acceptance of who he has made you (in relation to your gender)?

Q: “Could you say that cross dressing is an informal way to express your confusion in reference to who you are and the very God design for your life?”

Q: “Could it be that your expressed transgendered nature is a sin nature that needs to be re-coursed and restored in reference to God’s primary intention for your life? God made Male and Female (different needs, expressions, body parts, etc.) - He never made man out of the context of these two genders.”

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